Wheel of Fortune Junior Edition

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Fun recreation of a TV show classic

The classic TV show Wheel of Fortune has seen a number of computer-based adaptations over the years, all of which do a pretty good job of capturing the fun and thrills of their inspiration. This Junior Edition continues in that vein and makes a good bet for any youngsters (or people who were young when the game was made) who fancy some old-school quizzing action. For anyone unacquainted with the show, it requires players to go head-to-head with either computer- or human-controlled opponents who each take turns spinning the titular wheel. Various monetary values are on the wheel, although with the possibility to go bankrupt and when your turn rolls round, you spin it then guess a letter. If that letter is in the current round's solution, you win the sum of money and get to have another go. You can only guess consonants but can invest money in vowels if you're not feeling confident but obviously this eats into your earnings. It's all simple enough stuff in the best way and if you have a couple of buddies to play with, then this is good stuff for a wet Sunday afternoon. The puzzles themselves can be slightly tricky, given the game's age but sometimes part of the fun comes from their sheer obscurity, making it an entertaining game whether you know the answers or not. Visually, the game is simple enough but it does a good job of recreating the thrills of the TV show and is certainly atmospheric enough. If you enjoy this one, then the likes of Jeopardy! Junior Edition and Super Password are also worth checking out for more quiz-show action.

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