Jet 2.0

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox subLOGIC Flight

Highway to the danger zone

The original Jet was a pretty solid slice of old-school flight simulator fun that supplied some nice dog-fighting action in a cool retro package. This followup improves on just about every aspect of the game and stands as a good bet for followers of such things. The basic game remains much the same, with the player getting to choose from an F-16 and an F-18 Hornet for a variety of missions which take place over sea and land. Before you engage in combat, you get to choose a loadout, with a variety of missiles and bombs to choose from, and which each have their own specific uses. You've got the usual array of options to choose from, with a fairly realistic set of controls to play around with too. If you have played Jet, you should notice many of the improvements made here as they are fairly substantial. Even if you haven't, you'll notice that the gameplay is pretty slick for a retro game. Improvements made include faster speeds, more realistic handling and flight characteristics, as well as some new control options and a few other bits and bobs. An added demo gives you an idea of what the game is capable of, with hints of possible stunts capable within the game and other such delights. For an old-school flight sim, this is largely enjoyable stuff. The game handles rather well on the whole, with a nice balance between arcade and full-on flight sim, which should please audiences at both ends of the spectrum. It obviously looks a little crude compared to more modern efforts such as Jetfighter III but in terms of gameplay, it just about stands up to scrutiny.

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