Western U.S. Scenery Set

Simulation 1986 Dos subLOGIC Flight

Fly the friendly skies

If you're looking for a way to update and make flight sims such as subLOGIC Flight Simulator 2 or Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 and 2.x a little bit more interesting, then this scenery pack could be just what you're looking for. It doesn't add anything radically new to any of the games but does provide a pretty hefty wodge of new scenery to enjoy, opening up the splendor of the Western US to armchair flying enthusiasts. This is actually a compilation of six previously released scenery disks and which allows pilots to check out a variety of cities and landscapes. Such delights as Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, LA, and Kansas City are on offer here, all of which are recreated in glorious old-school detail. Everything is derived from accurate official records of the areas in question, so you be assured that you are flying through the real thing, or at least as close as it was possible to recreate back in the mid-eighties. If you are familiar with the flight simulators in question and are still enjoying their delights, or even others such as UFO, Stealth Mission and Jet Simulator, then this is a great way to extend their longevity. Although there's nothing new in terms of content other than the scenery itself, there's plenty here to keep you busy and it's undeniably relaxing flying past the Golden Gate Bridge or other such landmarks to be discovered here. Visually, this is pretty decent stuff, if obviously a little dated but apart from that, this is nice collection of scenery which is fun to fly around.

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