Simulation 1985 Dos subLOGIC Flight Shooter

Oldschool flight simulation definitely ahead of its time

Man, I've got to admit, I have a weak spot for these realistically produced simulations from the mid 80s and early 90s. I mean, they're clearly stretching the limits of what was possible but also had to do away with a lot of things, to pack as much heat into such limited processing power. And one such element that was given up, was good taste. Let me explain first! The simulation, this one, Jet and many other so of its standards had to work with a very limited color palette. Not only that, but most of the people that worked on these games were technical in nature, engineers, which most of the times saw nothing wrong with putting magenta next to intense blue, next to cyan and so forth! Thus, the visual cacophony was absolutely astounding, and, together with the delicious jaggedness of the graphics and the sparse sound effects, made these simulations into veritable abstract works of art! So, should I tell you anything about the trials and tribulations of this game trying to actually simulate something? Well, not really, as the beauty of these old timer games is mainly in their own production and the feeling of struggle they convey. But, Jet definitely is worth it, if you can box yourself to love the weirdness of it all rather than look for resemblance of reality. If you really want a simulator, try much more recent games; try some of the more recent Microsoft Flight Simulator games.

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