Manic Miner

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Andy Noble Platformer

Port of the ZX Spectrum amazing classic!

The ZX has had its own number of titles that were both ports as well as originals developed specifically for it. However, because if its rather lesser hardware specs, it generally had fewer titles that started life on the home computer; but, without a doubt Manic Miner is one of the games that demonstrate that the Spectrum too could be the development home for great titles. But, as Manic Miner demonstrates, home titles not only were great fun, but they also had a very specific look to them The fonts for the high score and for a few other elements were the embedded Basic (programming language) and the colors were the simple ones, that Spectrum could handle. Thus, the entire look of this sidescroller/puzzler is a genuinely simple and yet very specific for the home computer. It is special because it could only have been produced on this platform, and therefore, so much more cool to play. So, if you too love this Spectrum look and feel, you should also check some Dizzy games as these too started their life on the Spectrum as well. Eh, memories! PS. Try Manic Miner with a hot cup of cocoa, for added enjoyment, I know I do.

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