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One screen platformer with a strategic side to it

Jetpack packs every level in the confines of a single screen. However, within each one you are tasked with collecting the many different items scattered around, the keys and whatever else the game throws at you. This could be easier to do, however, if the levels were not inhabited by enemies, enemies which cannot be gunned down, since your protagonist does not have any weapons at all. And so, the levels have to be tackled strategically, by waiting for the enemies to be in positions that allow you to evade them. This makes each level more interesting to consider, as you will learn the courses of each enemy, try to anticipate their behavior and to pick the collectibles in a manner which is in tune with your evasion strategy. However, thankfully, you can use your jetpack, which, to be honest seems to be a sort of manner of making the vertical climb physics seem less sketchy. Indeed you go upwards for a very short period of time, but using the jetpack doesn't feel like it was programmed per se, it seems as if it's a way to mask a lack of polish in the game engine. At any rate, with or without a jetpack you still have to climb stairs, so it doesn't really impact your vertical ascent that much. Alternatively, if you like the tactical/strategic portion of the game you might also enjoy The Lost Vikings which put forth their own type of strategic recipe, this type based on a collaborative design.

Millions of people have played Jetpack

Jetpack was created in 1993 by Adam Pedersen of Adept Software, and originally published by Software Creations. Initially a shareware game, it was quickly adapted to a boxed version for retail stores. Jetpack was the top selling game for U.S. based Software Creations, and was also very popular internationally. It is also currently available on many other classic video game sites. Millions of people have played Jetpack and recognize the name fondly.

Simple and funny platformer

The game show up as a simple platformer where every object is the same size and levels take up exactly one screen. However it has a lot of content. The protagonist has to gather all green crystals and get to the big exit door. This is complicated by the multitude of death traps and creatures out to get you. You can run, fly (if you have picked up rocket fuel) and dig through soft ground using your disruptor gun. There are a great number of map levels and a very good level editor. That together with a very large collection of map elements makes for a lot of replay value. The graphics are simple but clear. There is no music and barely decent sound and there is great variation in the level design. This game is definitely worth playing.

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