Gear Works

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Idea Software Brainteaser

Build large clocks

Gear Works is a nifty puzzle game who's main premise it to build large clocks on 12 most important world monuments. There is point A and point B on each end of the screen, and you have to connect these two points by clock gears of various sizes and shapes to create a functional chain of gears that create a clock. After you've successfully solved one chain, you are presented to the next, bigger and more challenging one. The kicker is that the gear parts you are presented are not always the one you need right now, they might be too big or too small. Then you have to toss them aside for the time being. Thus, the game can soon be very hard with so much gear scattered around and you can easily lose a life. The game is really a brain cracker and will take no small amount of planning and effort to make it work, but the lack of variety and repetitiveness of the levels can get a bit boring after a while. Still, the game is definitely worth a shot for all puzzle lovers out there that are also into mechanical stuff and building, much like in the game Wetrix.

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