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Simple puzzler that lacks the addictive spark

Another attempt to equal the success of clasicc puzzle games like Tetris and Pipe Dreams, Origamo is an intriguing idea that is unfortunately let down by poor execution. As such it is unlikely to prove particularly diverting for anyone but the most hardened of puzzle fans. As the name suggests, Origamo is very loosely based around the concept of origami, the ancient art of paper folding. Players are presented with variously shaped diagrams (Happy Buddha Pig for example) which must be completed by grabbing blocks from a scrolling conveyor belt and rotating and slotting them in to the appropriate place. While the concept is as elegantly simple as all the best puzzlers, unfortunately in this case it is just a tad too simple. Despite the inclusion of over a hundred puzzles, they are all basically the same, requiring exactly the same skills, and are rather lacking in challenge. Graphics and sound are nothing to write home about, but these are never the most important aspects of any puzzle game any way so their simplicity seems entirely suited to the genre. However, while soothing and somewhat entertaining for a short time, the gameplay just doesn't have that addictive spark or sense of urgency that is the hallmark of the classic puzzler and Origamo thus loses its appeal very quickly, making it one for die hard genre fans only.

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