Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Cauldron Platformer

Characterful 2D puzzler with really laidback protagonists

In Quadrax you will be tasked with managing a team of two very laid back and relaxed explorers, which have a love for speology and for all things cavernous and subterranean. But instead of being Indiana Jones, all for air gasping action, these are just regular folk trying to get from point A to point B, as securely and as disturbance free as possible, which is the exact antithesis of over the top action. But that doesn't mean you won't be challenged, oh, no, not by a long shot. All of the caverns have their own little secrets and their own tidbit of difficulty, generally requiring you to move bricks, or find the correct way to a certain spot on the bidimensional map or just get into some other puzzler act in the game. Thus, you are at all times challenged, but never feel overwhelmed or you never have to deal with baddies or with absurdist situations. Nope, the brickwork of this very simplistic adventure is laid back right in front of you, so you always know what you're dealing with and need not rely on no dues ex or be witness to some shabby writing of a script. So, if you love puzzlers in the same vein as Jetpack this is going to be a game you'll enjoy as well.

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