Target: Pheromone

Adult 2002 Windows G-Collections Hentai Bishoujo Visual novel

Sexy traveler from space

This hentai adventure from G-Collections will remind you a lot the plot seen in Time Stripper eroge game. Again, you're a japanese male college student and you're moving to some cousin in order to gain some money and help a family business (a kind of coffe shop). As soon as you'll start you'll meet the female characters you'll me intimating later... The story gets interesting where you're in your new guesthouse and you'll meet the supposed wife/girlfriend of your cousin completely naked, though she seems doesn't care at all. From there onward something strange will happen, a sort of time portal will be created in the house and a girl from another time/space will fall. A blonde cute girl, apparently similar to the other one that traveled from time before. Let's put aside the story, that really does not add anything to the game, let's focus on the pics that are of a good quality (somehow similar to Come See Me Tonight game and Secret Wives). Interaction here is absent, so, a linear story to read, enjoying of course of the erotic manga images around. No animation either, so, not really a great addition to the genre.

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