Jewels of the Oracle

Puzzle 1995 Windows Discis Knowledge Research Math or logic

Typically diverse puzzle game

It is a typical puzzle game which is a stationery one and involves a great variety of some very interesting and fun puzzles. The puzzles are based on a prolific gaming engine which allows to manipulate the scenarios and make the game competitive for the gamer. The variety in the puzzles have been kept quite realistic and solvable so that the game does not get boring. Basically they are 24 puzzles which are played in two different modes. One is the easy mode and the other is the hard mode. The hard mode is the one which I loved because it maintains your interest in the game and is not too hard to make it annoying. The background theme of the game is based on some Egyptian style and there is an oracle in the game which will help you throughout the solving of the puzzles. The graphics in terms of the background and the color schemes are very good. The A1 is great as it calls for some serious gameplay. Similarly the user interface is top notch and is equally easy for both newcomers and veteran gamers. The level designs are also unique and non-repetitive but I guess the game lacks replay value. However it's a fantastic one time play. Math Workshop is the other game which you will love if you like educational puzzles.

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