Sokoban 97

Puzzle 1997 Windows Thinking Rabbit Math or logic Challenges

Box swapping/arranging puzzler

There are many versions of this puzzler; I remember having played a brew of this sort on my Gameboy back in the 90s and then I stumbled upon this PC game. The idea is the following: you are in a tight space and your exit is blocked by boxes. You can only push them around. You can't push them towards you. So, you have to find a way to arrange them in such a way as to cut yourself a route towards the exit. So, what you'll be doing is moving these crates out of your way, making sure not to block yourself inside. Thus, it's a puzzler that can be quite hard, especially on the later level, when there is but one single way of dealing with the mess of tight spaces and boxes crammed up in there! Yap, it's a puzzler for those that work in managing depots (hehe!) and a very alright looking one, very DOS like, top down with but a few colors. Thus, if you like the premise there are no graphical quandaries to distract you, which is always something nice for a game like this. Alternatively, see a game such as Squarex which presents you with a similar challenge, though not quite.

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