Water Wonder

Puzzle 1996 Windows Digital Playground Building Math or logic

Edutainment board game; about the various states of water

We all know that water can aggregate in three possible ways: ice, liquid and vapor. But, if you want to make teaching this exciting, this game here will be of great help. This is a nice, playful edutainment title, delivered as a board game, and, for all intents and purposes, a very nice, very polished game. It isn't a complex game, the basic interactions are simple and the puzzles share the same design philosophy. But, for all intents and purposes, it is fun to fiddle with and very approachable. Basically, you have to choose in what state you want your water to be so as to be able to get certain puzzles completed. This teaches you both the states of aggregation of water as well as the properties of water in those states. Now, each state is a character: steam travels faster, ice is solid and thus much more durable, while water under the influence of a heat source turns into steam. It plays a little like The Incredible Machine but it keeps to its own original concepts and ideas. So, overall, it's a very well produced, well delivered and graphically exciting game. Download it for your kids!

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