Jigsaw: The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle

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Puzzle game for some time to pass

Jigsaw is a truly well done game, with jigsaw puzzles to complete and not much more. So, you get a picture, take a good gander at it, and then you get the composite pieces that, after are placed in good order, will form the original picture. If you don't really care for your score, you can peek at the original picture again, for aid, but that will take some points from you. Also, the faster you are, the more points you get. So, overall, if you wanted to complete colorful, cartoon style pictures, with Jigsaw you get a good dose of exactly that. The game is great for kids, as the green and colorful graphics are very children friendly. Also, a good alternative to download can be Jigsaw Puzzle, released a year later, and with a higher resolution, so you won' be able to blame your jigsaw fails on the lack of graphical detail! Also, great for kids too, as it has beautiful landscape pictures on it too.

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