Johnny Bazookatone

Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Platformer Cartoon

A cool and original platformer

This is a pretty nifty platformer game that is pretty typical in all instances but one. You are Johhny, a guitarist, and the evil Mr. L. Diablo has kidnapped your band members. You are on a mission to save them, and to do that, you have to destroy your enemies from level to level and finally, vanquish Diablo. What makes this game a bit different than all other platform games is that Johnny's main weapon is his guitar - he uses the guitar to shoot melodies into enemies, thus destroying them, and the guitar helps him when he descends from big heights. Also, his guitar has a name - Anita. Other than that, the game is pretty much standard platform - kill enemies, jump from platform to platform and collect items. But still, the game is pretty fun to play, and the guitar weapon is a really cool detail. The graphics are cool and the level are beautifully design, and the animation is of adequate speed. What makes this game even cooler is the awesome music that plays while in the game. If you like original platform games like Rayman and Jazz Jackrabbit, this fun and original game will be a great choice.

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