Bart Simpson vs. the Space Mutants

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Platformer Cartoon

Fun and adictive arcade game

It is a classic arcade platform game having a fantasy them based on a character of the famous TV show. Yes I am talking about Bart from Simpsons. Now the plot is that you will play Bart who is the only person in the Springfield town that knows that Aliens have entered the town and they have taken up the bodies of different people to hide their true identity. They basically want to take over the earth for which they are in need of some objects for their advanced and miraculous machine. Your mission as Bart is to prevent them from taking the objects and this is where the fun begins. You will either spray the objects which have been concealed at different levels and are hard to find or pick them up or destroy them. The aliens will also be disguised in the form of humans and you will also have to deal with them. The graphics incorporated at every level are distinct and the objects are also having distinct identity shapes and colors. At the end of each level you will counter the boss who can only be defeated through the letters which you will get when you hit an alien and it flies off to the galaxy. Creativity, cute animation and graphics and exciting gameplay are the best traits about this game and make it a good time pass for all.

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