Sram 2

Adventure 1987 Dos 3RE Graphical IF Medieval

Sequel to the French fantasy text adventure Sram

Sram 2 continues the adventures and story that you had been a part of in Sram. The basic make of the game is pretty much the same: you are an explorer in this fantasy land, and you have to solve puzzles and uncover mysteries, much like in a game such as The Hobbit. The cool thing, but also the problem that might keep you away from the game is that it is delivered in French only, and, even if the controls (the text inputs you have to type) are simple, you might have some issues if you don't really know a few basic French words. Thus, as with the first, the best way to play if you're not a native is either to locate a walkthrough and use it, or, for better results, use a translation tool and try and bash your way around! Still, some proficiency in reading French is necessary or helps a lot! At any rate, similar to the first game in the series, this one too comes with a good amount of helpful drawings/simple images, that can make finding your way in the game a little more easy Still, as far as text based gaming goes, it's a proper, fully featured game, so, it's worth giving a try, for students of French or natives.

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