Gold Rush

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Graphical IF Action

Adventure set in the years of the gold rush

In Gold Rush you play a character that has development on his mind; he wants to amass a large amount of wealth and he wants to get his hands on all the gold he can grab. But, of course, traveling is what sets the wannabes and the ones that truly make it apart. In Gold Rush you get a really well organized and cool transportation kind of game. You will be traveling on air, on land and you will look to uncover a whole load of mysteries, getting everything you want to get. The AGI engine is used in this one too, that was used extensively in Sierra's adventure games. But in this particular game the engine has received some well deserved improvements, and so control is easier. Plus, graphically, the game has a lot more to show for itself, in terms of quality and in terms of the art direction and production value. Furthermore, Gold Rush allows you to get into a really nice head space, as it transports you in a time period where a whole lot was put on the line to make it. Just like in The Oregon Trail, random misfortunes offer you the chance to see the hardships of life and for the most part, the game is all about survival. Definitely a cool game, worth looking into if you enjoy survival sims with a gold rush vein running through it!

America is drunk with gold

Gold Rush is a very old school grahic adventure game (like Orion Conspiracy, only not so good looking) made by the famous company Sierra in 1988. It is set in 1848, the time of the Callifornia Gold Rush and revolves around a Brooklyn newspaperman Jerrod Wilson who tries to get to Sacramento to see his brother but because of the gold rush that has just occured, that is pretty tricky to do. The game is set in a 2D environment and you control Jerrod by typing in simple commands to keep him moving and doing stuff. You have to solve puzzles to continue on your path and can even have alternative paths which was a new thing back then. The graphics department, in my opinion, is awful. Everything is so grainy and blurry, you can hardly see your character among other grainy stuff. Red and orange, both very aggressive colors, are dominating the scenes and screaming in your eyes. Absolutely awfull. I could say that its a matter of the early date but I've seen much older games than this one with a lot better graphics. The sound is also practicaly non existant. But the gamesplay is easy and interesting and the story line is original. So, if you really don't mind the bad visuals, then go ahead an play. For others, go play something else.

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