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French text based adventure game

Sram is a cool late 80s text based adventure for the French speaking individuals. It seems to revolve around a sort of Hobbit like reinterpretation. Thus, while the game is mostly text based, you still get a few hints, visual, by means of the attached photographs. So, all in all, it's a cool game, fantasy tinged, with nice dialogue as far as I can tell. The puzzles, again, are inspired by classic adventure puzzles; you have to locate objects, interact with them, combine them and so on. The parser seems pretty straightforward, and it shows you what verbs you need to use at the beginning, so that you can kind of play it even if your French is not that great. But, at any rate, if you're a French native, or if you're a proficient student, this game will definitely do a good job. Else, the Hobbit and the other great fantasy/exploration heavy English games, Zork being one of the most popular can make for a great similar experience that won't test your foreign languages skills either! So, yeah, download any of these three, or, why not, all of them!

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