James Clavell's Shogun

Adventure 1988 Dos Infocom Graphical IF Oriental

Text based adventure based on J. Clavell Shogun

Shogun, the novel, is without doubt a classic English read, for those of you who don't mind spending time with the written, un interactive page. However, for those that need some more to feel there, James Clavells Shogun game can be a good, alternative way to have a go at this oeuvre. At any rate, what it does is sprinkle a good portion of the original novel with puzzles that, almost incredibly make sense. I can't say that being in the know about the original novel will make this game easier to pick, but it sure can't hurt. Anyway, considered separately from the novel, this is a stuffy, serious interactive novel kind of thing that requires patience and, also, for you take to notes here and then. To aid those of us that are not much endowed with imagination the game also packs in some well received graphics, pictures, here and there that help you understand your surroundings. Graphically, the game is okay, the chosen font is readable and the backgrounds change from time to time to sort of create atmosphere but most of the time it's all about cornflower blue backgrounds. Oh, and the parser is the same that motorized Zork Zero, very useful for those that can't be confined to 2 word commands! Try it out, but make sure you can give it some time, it is a meaty game.

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