KA-50 Hokum

Simulation 1995 Windows Virgin Interactive Flight Military flight

Lots of helicopters, lots of scenarios

The only thing uninspired about this title is the name, KA-50 Hokum. Yeah, the helicopter is included but so are a dozen other helicopters, and I can't say that the rest haven't received just as much attention from the developers. Just on the contrary, most of them are so very well developed and produced that they are worth trying. At any rate, no matter how many helicopters would have been included, were it not for the high diversity of mission it would have all been for nothing. The game is thus such a comprehensive collection of content, for those that love making their way through aerial helicopter missions. And get this, the controls and the physics are so very well developed, making the rides even more interesting to get to experience. All in all, KA-50 Hokum is more than what the title would suggest, and much more than what I expected from a title from 95. Try it, see how it rubs you, and also, don't forget about the development suite Simis put out, that can allow you to create your own scenarios and flying apparatuses.

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