Over the Reich

Simulation 1996 Windows Avalon Hill Flight World Wars Military flight

WWII air combat tabletop simulation

Over the Reich is a flight sim that pits you into the chair of an air commander marshal in the WWII era. The game was a sequel of the Big Time Commander game, and compared to that one only a few adjustments and graphic improvements were made. That is not to say however that this is not a good looking game, neither that graphics impact the gameplay that much. At its core this is a serious tabletop strategy in which your main goal is to effectively use your fleet of planes. The plane units are thus represented on a grid like environment which can be controlled in a turn based fashion. The game simulates the advantages and the capabilities of each type of plane in a very simple manner. The combustible reserves are represented by the number of squares you can advance a plane each move. A plane's speed will allow you even more moves, but you will have a much greater chance of losing them if they are hit. To put it simply, the game simulates the advantages and disadvantages of your fleet of planes very well, even if in a turn based environment. But also, the way the enemy reacts to your tactical moves is impressive and every battle will require a lot of preparation and skill in order to use your resources properly. Over the Reich is a rare and great game for turn based enthusiasts focusing on plane tactics and maneuvers from the position of an all powerful commander. Try it out, it won't disappoint.

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