Dawn Patrol: Head to Head

Simulation 1995 Dos Empire Interactive Flight World Wars Military flight

Excellent historical flight sim

World War I aviation buffs will love this updated version of the classic flying sim, Dawn Patrol, featuring as it does improved graphics, enhanced AI and an extensive range of planes and missions. The gameplay takes the form of a history book which describes the battle in the skies which took place during the Great War, and with each page of this book providing a mission for the player to complete. Each of these missions can be flown from either the perspective of the British or the Germans, offering the chance to take control of the different planes available to each side. There are 13 aircraft on display here, including such classic and historically important planes as the Fokker Dr. I. triplane and the SE5a, making this a real treat for flying enthusiasts. The missions themselves are quite varied, with 150 available and which will see players dogfighting and engaging in hit-and-run missions in the skies over Europe. Dawn Patrol really is something of a classic flight sim, offering plenty of flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants action which can get pretty intense at time. The planes all display their unique characteristics well, with notably different handling and with much enjoyment to be had from flying them. Despite the simplicity compared to modern aircraft, they are still highly challenging to fly and missions will test even experienced flyers, thanks to the smart AI opponents. Graphically, the game still impresses, with nicely detailed cockpits, planes and environments, while sound too rally adds to the atmosphere. For history buffs, flying fans or anyone who just enjoys a good sim, Dawn Patrol deserves to be played.

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