Action 1997 Windows Dosbox Metropolis Science Fiction Third Person

Modern and exhilarating shooter with ships

If you liked the 2D shooters, the vertical or horizontal ones, then this 97 creation is definitely going to spark interest from you. You have to give it a go, as it sure had taken the recipe a step further, and it had offered it a very retro look, in a type of world that is sure to be very sweet and very satisfying. I for one love to see a combination of 3D with sprites, and in this game these two elements are in there, all nicely produced, to offer you the best possible mix of elements. Also, adding a nice dynamic to the game is the way in which the game combines a seamless flow between the gameplay itself and the storytelling. That is so because Katharsis knows how to present itself and is one of the best in its class, a game that truly is with merit and with lots of class. A game that shares a similar vibe is Pax Corpus which also deserves a look, and I surely loved that one too. Play them both, head to head, you will not be disappointed, guaranteed. They both share a nice story to gameplay dynamic that is quite rare there days in action game.

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