Action 1997 Windows Visceral Productions Shooter Science Fiction

It defies the entertainment

Defiance is a first-person shooter war game, released in 1997 by Visceral Productions, a company that delivers productions with a high potential. Defiance is an average game, I say average because there are others that deserve your attention. But, I can say that it is worth trying, especially for its plot, action, challenging puzzle-solving and monstrous enemies that offer little science fiction taste for genre lovers. But it has some glitches and you will see them right away. Your character is a pilot that has to defend a combat ship by a huge army of monsters, that are more or less deformed by some chemical accidents . This combat ship is equipped with a large selection of weapons, bombs or rockets. The disinterest of the producers is shown by the poor graphics. Ok, it is normal for that time, but still, they should have made a more complex and varied pallette of colours or backgrounds. This makes the impression of a gameplay that has nothing special, just the same flow. If those were better, the war would have been more exciting. I won't tell the same about the sound effects. They are intense, realistic, echoic. Another glitch that holds you back from being excited about the battles is the easy way of killing enemies. They don't use any tactics in order to defend from your powerful weapons, and this is a let down. Well, as a conclusion, this game defies the entertainment sooo bad and could have been better.

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