Ken's Labyrinth

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Ken Silverman Shooter

Exploration, exploration, exploration!

If you want to feel like that character from Wolfenstein but don't feel like enemies, dog food, gold and other such nonsense adds to the game, this is the product to give a try to! In Ken's Labyrinth all you ever do is explore a labyrinth of the kind that made up most of the levels of Wolf 3D, as I said, absent all the distractions, enemies, guns, food, bullets, gold, etc. You are aided though by a smart usage of colors and color patterns on the walls, so that you are able to make out where you are on the map, but, otherwise, the game is pretty similar in look. In any other game that would have been an issue, but here it only adds to the problems and to the feeling of being lost, which, for a game that asks you to exist the labyrinth, it's really well done. So, yeah, after a while it kind of gets old, but if you crave this exact recipe, there's no other game that offers it. Plus, there are Easter Eggs and secrets, for those that really go out of their way to explore every nook and every cranny that the game puts in there!

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