Kingdom Under Fire

RPG 2000 Windows Phantagram

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A clone of Warcraft with RPG elements

As soon as you start playing Kingdom Under Fire you will notice some dejavu... you'll soon realize you've already played to a game that faced Humans against Orcs. Yeah, it's a Warcraft clone but with some original element that makes this game worth playing. You will start playing as Curian, a sort of prince that is returning to his village. He will find out the village was infested by Orcs. Well, that is what is happening if you choose to play on the human side. You can choose to play as the Orcs that gives the game a nice chance of replayability. You will need both RPG and real time strategy abilities as you will switch between the two genre all along the game. Sometimes you just control a single character and then you switch to control the entire team. It can get a bit confusing at the beginning, but I think it is a nice feature that get you involved in the game. The RTS will play as typically many 4X games, as the same Warcraft or any of the style in that period. Watch out the enemy attacking and be prepared to spot their headquarter for a raid with your army. A nice addition was the possibility to use air units, something you may have already seen in Starcraft. The graphics were good enough for 2000, the year when it was realeased, as well as the AI. There is a tutorial that will help you starting with the right foot, so, after all a game that is worth to try for the passionate of the genre.

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