Knight Force

Action 1989 Dos Titus Interactive Platformer Science Fiction

Almost unknown but better than average platformer

For Titus Interactive, the company that developed this platformer too, it was mostly hit or miss, they had a good deal of games, but also the occasional flop. However, their underpinning problem is that they were both the developers and the distributors of their games, and, at times, they chose not to spend too much money and/or attention on advertising, which I guess is the main reason why Knight Force remained in the shadows. For instance, another game of theirs, Crime Does Not Pay, even if not the best game ever managed to be much better known, and frankly not for the best of reasons, though it sure was original. Anyway, let's just leave it at bad luck with Knight Force, because frankly it was an alright platformer. It didn't put too much emphasis on storytelling, but the story is a rescue the princess type deal, a sort of classic trope by the time it came out. But gameplay wise it really was a captivating little gem, more or less in the same ballpark as other DOS shareware type games, which is not that polished. At any rate, the game's scenarios recreated France, New York, a prehistoric land as well as a futuristic metropolis, which certainly made you want to see the next stage, looking forward to the new vistas. If you love platforming, surely, Knight Force is a game to be worth a revisit.

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