Action 1998 Windows Microsoft Platformer Science Fiction

A mech based combat simulation of sorts; pretty fun

Outwars looks like Quake with mechs; so, if you feel that such a combination would make sense to you, it surely is going to deliver. The game looks pretty good; the environments in which you'll gonna be doing damage to other mechs and to the non mechanoid beings can be quite enticing, and, as such, the game is going to ask you to have a very war like attitude to it, which is always something that can draw some people in. Also, what Outwars gets right, is the action bits is the flying portions. I sometimes feel like raising up aggravated and just shouting at developers that quote backpack flight thingies in their games innovative, when clearly this thing was around for so much time before, hehe! Yap, Outwars packs this kind of manner of running about through a level as well; you can use backpacks that propel you through the air and you can use this ability to maneuver and outmaneuver around. Storywise, well, it's nothing too enticing, just some future war exposition bits and the bits you need to read in between missions. I don't pay too much attention to them, though! Anyway, the game will remind you of Terra Nova and, as I said, of Quake, which I think is saying volumes for this game here, which is actually a pretty good one. Play it!

Change your perspective

Outwars is an action oriented videogame where you change the perspective from a first-person view to a third-person view. Developed by SingleTrac was published by Microsoft, Outwars was one great game to end the '90s with. The story of the game starts on a planet which is attacked by an alien race known as The Skulls. The game starts off with the player having 2 minutes to get to a ship in order to evacuate the area. What makes this game unique was the fact that you could change perspective from a first-person view to a third-person view and this technique was carried out to later games.

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