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Doom like, but not as fun

It is true that a new engine or a new technology can spark some interest for a game, that otherwise would have gone under the radar. However, take for instance Doom, it wasn't as much the fact that it was 3D, because 3D games of its kind, though surely not of its quality had been made before; nope, what truly made a difference with it, was the quality of the actual playable portions, portions which were very nicely inspired, well produced and always extremely satisfying. Of what Doom had realized, this game here only takes the superficial portions, the engine, the monsters that come at you relentlessly, the need for caches of ammunition and the like. What gets forgotten though, is the need for quality production valuefor levels that are intricate and well organized and for many other additions of content. And so, Kombat takes the cake as a very bland first person shooter, one that doesn't manage to keep you interested for long, though, certainly, it isn't a badly done game. It's just that it's got nothing too original either. So, play Doom or Doom 2 instead if what you crave is a good early first person zombie shooter.

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