Marathon 2: Durandal

Action 1995 Windows Bungie Studios Shooter Science Fiction Military FPS

It has a particular quality and strength

Marathon 2: Durandal is a 1995 first-person shooter game being the sequel to the original full of variety action game of the series. If you liked Marathon, then it's worth checking this game out, that follows the story and events from the first one. Also, it borrows the same engine as the popular science fiction horror-themed FPS released in 1993. But, Marathon 2 is different with the following elements incorporated: a basic inventory system, background music, a more complex and detailed storyline, (the narration is similar to another remarkable game for its time). The action takes place on a futuristic setting, on a planet named Lh'owon, homeworld of the S'pht. After the annihilation of the Pfhor aliens, the story continues with another war. You will take the role of a Security Officer from the Marathon, that goes on a quest. Unlike the first game, Marathon 2 comes with a larger view on the screen, with bigger and more complex maps presentations, and with new multiplayer modes. Even if the graphics and animations are outdated, they have a particular and strong quality that make a good impression even in the eyes of nowadays gamers. The gameplay is smooth and makes you stay connected to the plot until the end. Play it today!

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