Puzzle 1992 Dos Colin Garbutt Design Tool

Average Puzzle game with good vareity of obstacles

It is great brainteaser puzzle game where you have the mission to search out the diamonds that have been dispersed at various levels. The task is a daunting one because in your search, you will come across a good variety of obstacles and monsters which will make your task really difficult. You will move green circle which is called as the Key around every level and will try to pull and push the objects to reach the diamonds. The enemies if moved in to the black box will be killed the same is for you. In case there is no black box around, then you will have to push the boxes here and there for trapping the enemy and reaching the diamonds. One of the features which is real exciting about the game is the good variety of objects you will counter as you can only know their properties by experiencing them or countering them. So the surprise element is always on and keeps you on your toes. A level editor has also been incorporated so that you can design your very own levels. The graphics are not out of this world and are fairly average but it is the gameplay which is really good and addictive. People also like puzzle games like Maze War because of the variety of objects and a great amount of brain work involved.

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