Maze Wars

Puzzle 1992 Dos Design Tool

Mouse driven maze game; find the exit!

This is a first person shooter game, in 3D, released in 92, and similar in style to Wolfenstein, though, in many ways quite different than that one, since here you can use the mouse to look around and move, and your movement is thus much more fluent. The goal of each level, as you'd suspect, is to exist the current level so you can enter the next, and in doing so you have to navigate the often times disorienting mazes and also, try to destroy as many of the monsters that are looking to get a piece of you! The monsters though are all 3d polygonal creatures, so they are not too scary, but, as in many such games, they do a good job of showcasing where you should be heading, as the areas that you haven't yet visited will most likely contain such beasties. One unfortunate problem of the game is that, for those used with WASD controls, the press left to move and right to move backwards mouse controls might feel very cumbersome. But, then again, this is quite an oldie and such control schemes have to be looked past if you want to experience a bit of history. But I do certainly recommend it for the clean production and relatively intricate levels.

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