Puzzle 1992 Dos Jussi Aittoniemi Design Tool

Destroy your opponent minimalist multiplayer

Back when I was in school there was a real craze based on playing Scorched Earth. This was a multiplayer precursor of Worms style games and, it sure had a very edgy... competitive edge! Thus, in Miniwar you really get an awesome experience, the kind that is really hard to find in any of those modern multiplayer games. Because it's two people against eachother only, and, so it can get very personal, very fast! Unfortuntaly, Miniwar is an acquired taste kind of game, quite Spartan in presentation; you only get a back background and the trajectories of the pellets, so, you have to be very cautious with what you ask of this game, it doesn't have too much to offer. But, if you find the premise interesting, you can bet that you'll have some (dumb, true enough!) fun with it! Anyway, expect a Spartan game, a simple mechanic of gameplay and lots of fun, granted, if you have a friend interested in old timey arcade styled games, with the twist that it almost feels like a strategy or rather, like a wargame, in the minimalist of form possible.

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