Adventure 1986 Dos Noah Morgan Text based

Text based adventure heavy on cave exploration

Larn is a very gamey text adventure game, offering you an actual adventure. What do I mean by adventure? Well, I mean exploration, finding treasures, finding your way around, trying to escape or avoid enemies, you know, the kind of activities that a young individual would see as adventurous! So, in the sweet style of games such as Cave, in Larn you will have to really put your heart into navigating treacherous cave systems, trying to complete puzzles and find items that will help you go on in your adventure. Ultimately, Larn is the kind of game that will require you to map your way around. Unless you do that, the possibility to get lost is huge. So yeah, a prerequisite of this one is graph paper and crayons! Other than that, yeah there is a story there, but, even if this is a text adventure, that is not the meat and potatoes of the game, its sweet juicy bits are all about action! So, in that respect, it's like a toned down Zork, but that style works great for Larn. So play it if you're looking for that game that will put your graph paper to good use again, that will take you through places that will spark your imagination like you were a 14 year old kid again!

Amiga gem

Larn was written back in the '80s for the Amiga. It is basically a text based adventure game but supported by minimal graphics. The game has similarities with both the old UNIX text based "Hack" adventure and Microsoft's old "Colossal Cave" floppy based text adventure game.

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