Moria 2

Adventure 1986 Dos AJM86 Text based

ASCII Roguelike adventure

Moria 2 is a simple exploration heavy game, a top down game where you control a single character and have him move about, looking for treasure and for other, better items, swords and also, for better equipment. While not a survival game, it seems that the monsters in this one are different every time you start a new campaign, so, again, in Rogue style, your luck will do a lot to determine how each new game feels like, if it's simpler or if it's more difficult than the last one. Naturally, Moria 2 is a very well executed game also from the point of view of controls, since there wasn't much to get wrong. You basically have to make sure that you move carefully about, because each new room can hide a monster inside, and these monsters can also take you by surprise. Yes, the ASCII character set is used pretty well, and while there are no shadows or other effects obtained with them, the game still looks pretty well, mostly because the ASCII are used only scarcely, and a dark screen is mostly what you will be looking into, for most of your adventure. Alternatively, Doom, the Rogue like can be a great alternative, if you're looking for the rogue version of a game you must definitely be familiar with.

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