Last Half of Darkness

Adventure 1989 Dos SoftLab Laboratories Horror First person

A so, so horror adventure game

Last Half of Darkness is an alright oldschool point and click adventure that has a bleak atmosphere, though not as bleak as it should have, and, also it's a pretty alright, but never better than average adventure, you know, with all that a classic point and clicker entails. The game also manages to gain a few more brownie points because it doesn't have half witted puzzles or half assed attempts to scare. But, however I tried to look at it, it just didn't manage to get me excited. It's linear, it's predictable if you've ever read horror short stories or played other horror infused game. Also, the graphics are alright, but never something to write home about, while, I'd say, the game is a bit too much based around reading stuff, rather than allowing you to sink into the world. Yeah, if it is of any comfort, there are lots of lesser horror adventure games out there, but this lukewarm one was just not enough for me. So, I'd say this is only for true fans of horror point and click adventurers that want to have a go at everything. For all others, I'd say, the third in this series does a better than average job at immersing you in the world. Similarly fashioned, story wise, Town With no Name (for the great 3D graphics) or Shadow of the Comet (for the beautiful visuals and great story) are much better contestants for older or newer horror adventures.

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