Legacy of The Ancients

RPG 1987 Dos Dosbox Quest Software Fantasy First person

Good RGP fantasy game

It is an RPG game with role playing elements and a fantasy theme in the world of magic and evil. You were living your life as a simple shepherd when you came across some dying man. The man had a scroll along with a golden bracelet. The scroll has some evil powers which can bring destruction all over. Many people are looking out for the scroll to use its power for their benefit and to induce evil into the society. Now this is where your adventure begins and you have find a way to destroy the scroll and it's evil. You will obviously be not allowed to do that by those who want to use it. So you will engage in battles across dungeons, wilderness, castles and many different terrains. The variety of weapons to use in the game also includes magic. The controls in the game are very swift and they allow for instant and controllable action. If we talk about the graphics, they are very pleasing and have a sense of smoothness about the. Similarly the A1 in the game is also wonderful and the user interface is just fine. Shadowgate is another one of my loved games.

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