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Don't let the evil monster come back from the dead again!

Shadowgate is a fantasy adventure game, in which your main goal is to prevent the resurrection of this evil creature that has been terrorizing the lands of Castle Shadowgate. This is a very hard game, not because it's hard to control, but because the enemies are very powerful, can take you by surprise and also have, generally, a lot of life points. But, it's a game that is not unfair; you will find that later on better weaponry, spells and armor will become available, so that those encounters that used to take a toll on you, now are much more easier to negotiate and much less intense. Also, another specific idea of this game is that you cannot see in the dark; this means that you will have to look for torches, and make sure you use them scarcely, otherwise you risk bumping into a monster at the very last moment, unaware of its whereabouts. Graphically it's an alright, RPG in first person of the Golden Box era type of game, but it is sufficiently polished. Still, only for the most resilient in the face of frustration, otherwise this can truly be a very difficult game to play. A more playable download alternative can be Wizardry III, yet still for serious role playing fans.

An average but good old school RPG

Shadowgate is an average old rpg game that was released in 1987 with poor popularity. The game has a plot that is very average for an RPG game - you have to go to Castle Shadowgate and kill the Warlock Lord before he succeeds in summoning the old and powerful beast Behemoth, or the world is doomed. The gameplay is very simple - you are presented with a picture of a room and in the pannel bellow you are told what is happening in the room (like playing D'n'D and the DM is talking to you about the game) and you have options what to do - you can look, use,take, read and so on. The visuals are average for the time of release, but also very colorful and the art is great. Unfortunately the sound system is consisted of computer generated sounds that are not too pleasing to the ear. In the end we get a nice adventure rpg that has an interesting story and easy gameplay, but very average. Good for lovers of vintage gaming and rpg lovers looking for a good and easy game. For other older RPG's, try out Eye of the Beholder or Dark Sun: Shattered Lands.

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