Alternate Reality: the City

RPG 1985 Dos Dosbox Datasoft Fantasy First person

First person RPG in a science influenced setting

Most of the RPGs that were built on the Golden Box engine were set in fantasy based realms, often times that depicted a medieval like world. That is not the case with this RPG. This one sets to create an immersive future metropolis for the adventures, though, deep within, the use of weapons suggest that this is a sort of steam punk like world, where the technological advancements have not taken magic out of the way one hundred percent. Therefore, the game will be played, mechanics wise just as if it were your classic RPG of the period, though, given its age, the game looks rather menial. It's not helped by the fact that the depicted areas are very small, with rather simple designs and a color palette that gets used over and over again. But, given that the game was released in 1985, its relic like feel is not out of place either. At any rate, this games underpinnings are classical. You control a person, get to get a job that will influence your skills, etc. Yes, you will inhabit a different person, but the trappings of quests are not taken out of the equation. So, while all the dress up is interesting, this game doesn't manage to escape some classical RPG mechanics.

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