LEGO Stunt Rally

Racing 2001 Windows LEGO Car and action Challenges

Fun mix of construction and racing

This is another in the long line of LEGO themed games, standing alongside such gems as LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Racers, and while it might not be quite up to these standards, it remains a fun and imaginative experience that is perfect for block-building fans of all ages. It's a sort of combination construction set and racing game where players can build up a number of challenging courses before engaging in high speed chases with their friends or the computer. The building aspect is pretty decent and offers a wide range of materials with which to build an impressive selection of course and you are only really constrained by your imagination. There are both single and multi-player modes on offer here, with a championship option in single-player and which allows you to unlock new bricks for use in the construction aspect while multi-player lets up to four players race off against each other. There are of course, plenty of LEGO themed characters and other things to unlock and in terms of sticking to the source material, this does a pretty fine job. However, the racing action itself suffers from a fairly serious problem which restricts its appeal to younger gamers. While players control their car's acceleration and certain aspects of its movement, most of the actual manoeuvring is handled by the computer, making this more akin to a fancy version of Scalextric than an actual racing game. For new or younger gamers, this isn't likely to be a major problem and in this respect, Stunt Rally does act as a good introduction to the delights of more complex games. However, more experienced players are likely to find this a bit frustrating so they may want to steer clear.

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