Excessive Speed

Racing 1999 Windows 1C Company Shoot em up Car and action Challenges

Strikingly good and addicitive

For fun racing lovers, this game has to offer a lot of exciting features which will give them an addictive and thrilling ride. The game is a 2D car racing game where you will race on different bitmap tracks. There are a total of seven tracks and all of them have their distinct feature. The first admiring thing in the game is its cute graphics which have given the tracks a very colorful and cute look. It is actually a world for the children and teens alike and they can race their heart out while engaging in a combat style speedy battles. The other good thing here is that all the levels have a different variety of power ups which have been sprinkled on various levels and all of them have their distinct use in the gameplay. You can also collect some very thrilling weapons which you can use on your opponents while racing. The game does not support network play but it gives you the options of playing with 4 friends on the PC. The controls of the car have been well executed which allow for swift responsive movements all the way. Overall it is sheer fun. Rally-Sport is another good recommendation in this genre.

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