Speed Demons

Racing 1997 Windows Eidos Car and action Challenges

Cause havoc with your four-wheeled beasts!

Speed Demons is a 1997 racing game that will challenge your fast skills and agility on the tracks. I recommend this game for its customizable races, for the cool vehicles you are allowed to drive, and mostly, for the adrenaline that awaits you! This game has everything: great graphics, (with every element at its right location, rendering the racing action as it should be), realism (in every aspect), good sounds (that will raise the adrenaline and the mood for engaging in a dangerous driving), and a very convenient artificial intelligence. Before starting playing, you can set the weather conditions, the circuit direction and type of track, and also, you can choose between three cars, each with its own features and strenghts. Every won championship will reward you with money and points, with which you can upgrade you car and buy important parts to improve the performance on track. You can upgrade your nitro (it will cost you 10.000 $), tyres (40.000 $), suspension (60.000 $), engine (100.000 $). The races assume every competitor to occupy the best place, so, everyone is struggling for himself! Pay attention and try to beat them all! However, I have one complain regarding the steering of the vehicle, and I realized that the producers put more effort in the destruction option, than in controlling your own car. But, don't let this aspect influence your decision to play it! Become a speed demon and play this arcade style game similar to another game where you have to disturb the streets. Cause havoc with your four-wheeled beasts!

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