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Do rally cars dream of...electric sheep?!

I'm pretty sure the developers, in coming up with the graphics for this game, have decided on the presentation they did most probably because of some technical limitations. However, authored or not, Rally-Sport is a very surrealistic rally game. The camera looks at the game from a sidescroller type perspective, while the amount of the world drawn is pretty limited. Thus, the bit of road and your car is barricaded by the all engulfing blackness, while the bit of the circuit you see, the particle effects on the vehicle(s) and the choice of textures (along with the rather blocky, though not unappealing elevations) make the game look like some sort of dreamy thing, like how you'd dream about a racing/rally game, hehe! At any rate, the actual recipe is that of mini racing, sort of like in Revolt or the old NES great Micro Machines. However the psychedelic/unreal feel of Rally-Sport is really unique to these game, maybe similar to some other games, generally the ones that were produced in the early days on the PS1 console due to technical limitations. Anyway, whatever the reason the game looks and feels the way it does, as I said, authored or not, it takes the game to a really cool place, plus, Rally-Sport is highly playable and enticing still, not just a pseudo artistic kind of deal.

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