Leisure Suit Larry 3

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Sierra Humorous Point and click Mature Content

A life spent looking for love can be dangerous!

I don't know if Larry has got love on his mind, at least not the kind of love that romantics have in mind, most of the time, but well, I guess Larry, along with Hugh Hefner, with Al Lowe and Lula should be inducted in a club, for ageing ladies and gentlemen that have aided in the fight of the sexual revolution! Because Larry certainly was sleek and manly in games where such themes were generally treated too much in passing, not as a central theme, but more of a way to help the main game sell. Nope, Leisure Suit Larry 3, and for that matter the entire series is all about sexy times, generally with women out of his league. Of, and he works hard, cute little Larry, he does his best to get some him time with girls that wouldn't give him the time of day! Graphically, our little bawdy adventure had graduated to more cartoonish graphics, which is good, as this is the way we all remember the game series. What else should I tell you, Leisure Suit Larry 3 is a classic, there's loads of digital babes to see and loads of funny dialogues, the kind of funny that is even funnier today that it's aged, and cute! Try it!

Humor and adventure

Most of you might be well of this series from Sierra as it has managed to make a great fan base among gamers. The plot this time is a bit different but it starts off years after from where it was left. The plot this time is that Larry is well settld in with his wife who is the daughter of the tribal chief which was present in the previous instalment. However things have changed now as his wife has dumped him and he is has also lost his job because he was working for her father. Now Larry sets off on his adventure and will do different things which you will control and command according to the scenarios that build up. The humor factor in the game has been kept intact but it is no more a linear progression as it is a type in command game where the commands that you type will control Larry and his adventure. The graphics in the game are very good despite the fact that it is a DOS game. The controls in the form of the user interface despite being very ordinary is still manageable and the gameplay is a lot of fun. Das Erbe is another favorite game which I like in this category.

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