Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking for Love

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Sierra Third Person Humorous Mature Content

Larry begins to take shape!

The success of Leisure Suit Larry the first was a bit of a shock even to the developer, who had created the game more as a means to see if he could do it. Yes, he though the game might get an audience, as it was funny and it was different than the kid oriented, always clean and always shiny and adventure stocked adventures form the big production houses! But the wild fire that the first game created gave way to an entire series, which would begin to show its direction with this game, in many ways. So, the gist of it is that you play Larry, a rather sleazy individual; he likes ladies and he'd do anything to spend time with them! But he's also a nincompoop, someone who just ends in a whole lot of trouble and he's the kind of individual that never gets a break! Which is just so funny and entertaining to watch! And play, as the game is full of puzzles, some more explicit and weird than others, some more mature and some just plane normal, adventure game like, if you will. And so, Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking for Love is great for anyone that wants to take Larry for a spin, as Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking for Love is the first polished game in the series, that shows the direction of the series in many ways.

A good Larry sequel

The gameplay of Larry 2 is similar to the prequel, meaning that you need to input commands in order to interact with the objects in the environment. The point system is back and there's a even a ranking system, every time you reach a certain score, the ranking changes, but this is more for the humor of the game. Unlike its predecessor, Larry 2 offers a more linear type of gameplay. The graphics are way better, but the sound and music is the same. Overall, Leisure Suit Larry 2 is a great graphic adventure to the series and a good sequel as well. If you ever stumble upon a copy over the internet, go ahead and download it!

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