Leisure Suit Larry

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Sierra Humorous Point and click Mature Content

Enjoyably adult adventure

This is the remake of the first game that introduced the world to the loveable loser Larry, a hapless hero who only has one thing on his mind: the ladies. Taking the form of a graphic adventure, similar to Sierra's own Police Quest and King's Quest series, this sees Larry on a quest to find the woman of his dreams, a quest which takes him to the city of Lost Wages (a thinly veiled parody of Las Vegas). Here he must make his way through various adult-themed situations, interacting with characters and objects, solving puzzles and avoiding a variety of humorous deaths, all with the ultimate aim of wooing the various ladies he encounters. The game is essentially the same as the original, except with a few updates to make it slicker and more accessible. The most noticeable change is of course the graphics, which are more colourful and cartoon-like than before, while the sound has also seen some major upgrades, including more music. The interface has also changed so instead of using a text-based parser, players now use a series of icons to carry out actions and can interact with objects by clicking on them, like Discworld or Curse of Monkey Island. The changes are all welcome and help to make the game even more enjoyable if you are in the mood for a bit of naughty fun. The game's style makes for a refreshing change from the usual fantasy or mystery adventures seen in this genre, although its humour is certainly not for everyone (and definitely not for the kids!). The story is enjoyable enough and the puzzles provide a few head-scratching moments, so if you're looking for an adventure that is a little different, then check this out.

The original with much crisper graphics

Nothing has changed in the life of Larry, the little man with a love for girls out of his league, who would turn at nothing for a few amorous moments! Thus, in this remake of the original adventure, you are going to replay the same adventures, solve the same puzzles and have the same moments when you don't know whether to laugh or be sorry for Larry. As mentioned the greatest departure from the original, and the same one, is the graphics. Larry has become a much better looking sleaze ball, though not as HD or as dynamic as you would consider. Instead, he simply has gained a few more animation frames and the environments have become a lot more colorful and more suggestive. The girls you are going to encounter have too become more graphically elaborate, with cartoony forms that may start to look titillating at times, were it not for their personalities which are just as flat as you would imagine. Anyway if you want an adventure with a bit of funny encounters, the first adventure Larry stars in is going to really sink in with you, and is going to do it with his humor and tongue in cheek condescension we are used to. Give it a try!

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