Leisure Suit Larry 5

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Sierra Humorous Point and click Mature Content

Bundled with the other 6 games; worth it

The GOG version of this game comes bundled with the other games in the series, 1 to 6, which is why it's a worthy download. That, even is spite of the fact that a lot of the cool ideas, the humor and the puzzles are mostly recycled in this 5th game; the spark of Larry, his misadventures, by the time of this 5th title feel a bit too overused, but then again, were you to play it without having seen the older ones, that wouldn't be an issue. Graphically, it's a game of its time; so the backgrounds are polished, the mini clips are all polished and well produced and the sleazy elements are, well, more sleazy! The game is well produced though, it has a lot of cool ideas and interesting puzzles, as I said, if you haven't yet gotten saturated by playing the old games in the series. But, yeah, Larry is still the same sleaze ball individual, a bit too old to still be taking his chances with girls half his age! But, most of the time he doesn't get what he wants, and the humor and the way it makes you involved, is really relaxing and it puts you in a good position. So, overall, Leisure Suit Larry 5 definitely is worth its salt, just as long as you keep away from the others in the series, you know just make it seem a little fresher than it actually was when it came out! Else, the bundle is a great, worthy, 100 percent download!

This is really Larry 4!

If you're a fan of Leisure Suit Larry, have you ever noticed something strange in the series? No? Well, I have: Leisure Suit Larry 5 is the fourth game in the series. What can I say about Larry? His first game was a blast back in those days, mainly due to the fact that you could interact with almost everything. And by interacting I don't mean like in a point-and-click fashion. No, you had to input a command for Larry, like "open door" or "call taxi". Inputting wrong commands can sometimes cause the game to a "Game Over", like trying to flush a broken toilet, causing the whole bathroom to be filled with water. This is one of other things that I love about the first one. However, there is less that I can say about Leisure Suit Larry 5. The premise of the game that some guy named Julius Biggs has stolen the floppies for Leisure Suit Larry 4 and caused amnesia for our main character. The only interesting thing that I experienced in the game is the multi-character feature, where control is periodcally given to another character, in our case switching from Larry to Patti (an FBI agent) and viceversa. The cartoonish style in the game looks game but I hate the lack of voice acting because I hate to read the dialogue. There are not even traps or things that would cause n "Game Over" screen. This feature makes the games way to easy, removing the basic element of dying in a video game.

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