Terminator: the Rampage

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Shooter Robots

A poor attempt

The Terminator: Rampage is a first-person action game released in 1993 by Bethesda Softworks. It is the third of the series based on Terminator movies, and also the sequel to The Terminator 2029. You take control of a commando, sent into the past (in the year 1984) by John Conner to destroy the Skynet computer core. This computer core named "the Meta-Node" takes over the Cyberdyne Systems building and creates an army of terminator robots. Your objectives consist in collecting upgraded clearance cards, guns, ammo, health, and in eliminating enemies like robots and cyborgs. This game is similar to Wolfenstein 3D, from the design point of view. In my opinion, it fails to recreate the same adrenaline and action from the movie, so I can say that Terminator: Rampage represents a poor attempt to what it supposed to be a high-quality production. The final boss, which is the Skynet computer core, can be defeated only by a plasma rifle, whose pieces must be collected throughout the game. The music is quite good, sounding calm when no threat is around, and turning rhythmic when an enemy approaches. Unlike Wolfenstein 3D, which was also based on exploration, Rampage's areas were too large, and you have to investigate every corner. Ok,this supposed to be fun, but the searching isn't attractive at all, for me, at least.

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