Thunder Brigade

Action 1998 Windows Interactive Magic Shooter Unconventional

Tank based action game, kind of unpolished

The interstellar conflict is upon us, yet again, and our best defense is to make the most with the tools available! And the tools available in Thunder Brigade are tanks: rather a sort of combination of tank and mech, but nonetheless, the idea is that you will control a mechanized heavy spewer of lead pellets and explosive rockets! The recipe is interesting, for an action game, but the Devil, yet again, is in the details. And the details are kind of jinxed, by, what I would assume, was the developers rushing this game out the door. The battlegrounds you'll be sent to, mission style, will rarely present you with something, design wise, diverse. Nope, basically after the first few missions, say 2, 3, you'll pretty much have seen the entire extent of the developer's originality. But, at least, you're not underwhelmed for long, as the game only packs 12 scenarios with a total of 30 missions. It might sound much, but it's not, as these locations are pretty small. But, for an afternoon of high impact blasting and tank shenanigans, this can be the perfect game. Try it, and have Tank Racer or Nano Tank around, to have a triad of tank action games around, if Thunder Brigade doesn't cut it!

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